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Lesufi determined to drag schools into the new South Africa

Independent Online - 6 hours ago
Johannesburg - The Gauteng online application system is at the heart of MEC Panyaza Lesufi's bid to transform schools in the province to reflect new demographics and redraw the boundaries. These plans have, however, pitted him against former Model C ...and...

Cyberstars join search

Herald live - 12 hours ago
“One of the reasons why Afrikaans is also called 'kitchen Dutch' is because it was spoken and developed in the kitchen by the slaves,” she said. The cyberstars will be walking with 20 activists, among them ANC MPL Christian Martin. Updates about the...

Daily Maverick Interview

the Makers of 'Coloured Mentality' - 2 days ago
Episode Two of Coloured Mentality tackles one of the more loaded questions raised in the first episode: whether Afrikaans is a "white language". "My Afrikaans sucks," Summers admits cheerfully. She herself did not grow up speaking Afrikaans at...

Mondeor High School's matric results

Comaro Chronicle - 2 days ago
THE pass rate at Mondeor High School for 2016 is 97.44 per cent, with 314 matriculants having written and 193 bachelor's degree entrance passes (61 per cent) attained. Four learners achieved five distinctions, two achieved four distinctions and six...

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Hi All. Joost is in hospital on oxygen. He is really not at all well ... Sien MeerSien Minder

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So we see that there was a meeting and so called announcement made today (according to SABC 2 News at 17:30 today) from a so called committee consisting of Alister (lol), Beast (lol), and Adrian (lol). Now what did you guys discuss and what were the final shitty conclussions and recommendations (if any) you asses made about Springbok Rugby 2016? SABC 2 did not broadcast it (maybe it is because Motsoaneng wasn't in office today). SA Rugby? Lol what a joke ... Sien MeerSien Minder

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So we see that there was a meeting and so called announcement made today (according to SABC 2 News at 17:30 today) from a so called committee consisting of Alister (lol), Beast (lol), and Adrian (lol). Now what did you guys discuss and what were the final shitty conclussions and recommendations (if any) you asses made about Springbok Rugby 2016? SABC 2 did not broadcast it (maybe it is because Motsoaneng wasn't in office today). SA Rugby? Lol what a joke. ... Sien MeerSien Minder

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South African Rugby Makes Ground-Breaking Decisions

The General Council of SA Rugby on Friday took a number of “ground-breaking decisions that will have far-reaching effects for rugby in the country in time,” according to SA Rugby President, Mark Alexander.

The Council accepted a raft of constitutional changes that were designed to better reflect the needs of the Springbok team by re-shaping elements of the constitution.

Key changes approved were:

** Permitting 74% shareholdings in commercial arms of rugby unions by private equity partners

** Increasing the make-up of the independent and player representation on the Executive Council to five independents with six elected members

** Introducing new committees for franchise (Vodacom Super Rugby) and non-franchise rugby to focus and streamline decision-making

** Moving responsibility for the appointment of the Springbok coach and CEO from the General Council to the Executive Council
Removing the selection committee while retaining a selection convenor to work with national team coaches

** Aligning with the country’s geopolitical boundaries by moving to nine members of SA Rugby, while retaining 14 playing unions

** Reducing the presidential roles from three to two by removing the vice presidency from 2018

“We have made a number of major decisions today that over time we believe will contribute to making South African rugby stronger and therefore assist the Springboks,” said Alexander.

“The Council decided to open the door for greater private equity investment in rugby and greater business involvement to help recapitalise the game.

“We make no secret of the fact that in these tough economic times the rugby business is taking the same strain that every other South African business is facing.

“There is a battle to find and retain sponsors and supporters and we could not continue to do business in the same way. Rugby needed to make major decisions today to find new ways of doing things today and we have done that.”

Alexander said that the other changes would help streamline and speed up decision-making.

“The creation of the new franchise and non-franchise sub-committees gives us a more nimble way to make decisions by providing a more flexible channel of communication between unions and the Executive Council.

“The old committee structure has been overhauled and the new committees will make us much more responsive to the needs of rugby.

“The other changes bring us more in line with modern business practice by increasing independent representation and removing some of the anachronisms of the amateur era such as a selection committee and vice president.”

... Sien MeerSien Minder

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South Africa: Starving Captive Lions Photographed at Trophy Hunting Property

Annamiticus - 6 months ago
... businesslike crack of a rifle, Ingogo will always make its mark with you”) and Toeka Plaas Kombuis, a coffee shop in Alldays. Africa Geographic reports that lion cubs are taken to Toeka Plaas Kombuis “to be petted during the day before returning to ...and...

Why 50-60 million hectares should be transferred to smallholders in South Africa's land reform

The Zimbabwean - 7 months ago
Following on from last week's blog on the N7 farmers from Malmesbury, this week I want to feature an excellent article by Ben Cousins from PLAAS in South Africa published recently in The Conversation. It picks up on the theme of the potential for...

Philippi workers blockade farm after dismissal

GroundUp - 10 months ago
According to Nocawe Booi, who has been working on the farm for six years, on 5 February, the group of about 20 permanent farmworkers at a farm in Weltevrede Plaas were given their wages and told to leave and return after a month because there was...

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Spy blames shelving of Absa report on Mandela

Times LIVE - 6 hours ago
When he learned of it, President Mandela ruled that moving against Absa, and effectively the Afrikaner financial nexus, was inconsistent with his policy of reconciliation (and with) secret pre-change agreements," he says. "By then, of course, Absa had ...and...

Mandela fingered for stopping probe into apartheid looting

DestinyConnect - 7 hours ago
Oatley said that when Mandela came to learn about the contents of the investigation, he “ruled that moving against Absa, and effectively the Afrikaner financial nexus, was inconsistent with his policy of reconciliation [and with] secret pre-change ...and...

The Last White Africans

Yahoo News - 6 days ago
In 1948, an Afrikaner-led political party took power from the British in an election. The new government consolidated South Africa's racist laws into an all-encompassing form of racial segregation they termed apartheid, which means “separateness” in ...and...

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Vliegtuigen naar Gambia om reizigers terug te halen, machtswisseling uitgesteld

NOS - 4 days ago
De eerste vliegtuigen die Nederlandse toeristen uit Gambia moeten terughalen, zijn vertrokken. Het merendeel van de Nederlanders die vakantie vieren in het West-Afrikaanse land vliegt vanmiddag naar huis. Buitenlandse Zaken in Den Haag scherpte ...and...

Video of the week

Germiston City News - 2 weeks ago
Afrikaanse Hoërskool Germiston learners were happy with their results. They share some advice with future matrics. January 9, 2017. 01GCNSCHOOLSAFRIPS2_79517. The most viewed video on for the week, December 31...

Learners celebrate their results

Germiston City News - 2 weeks ago
It was all smiles and sighs of relief at Afrikaanse Hoërskool Germiston as matriculants received their results. “We are satisfied with our pass rate of 96 per cent and our learners performed much better than I expected,” said the school's principal...

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These and those days

South Coast Sun - 4 days ago
My family and I came regularly from the Transvaal to Amanzimtoti for our annual holiday. We even considered purchasing a flat. Fate had it that my husband was transferred to the large refinery close by. We were very excited and looked forward to our...

South Africa: Lions to Face 'Barbarian' Outfit - 1 week ago
A "Barbarian" team will return to Ellis Park on Saturday, February 4 when the Lions take on the SupaBarbarians in one of three warm-up matches for the 2017 Super Rugby season. Barbarian sides were in action against the former Transvaal at Ellis Park in ...and...

Johan Greijbe was a pioneer in education

Benoni City Times - 1 week ago
Johan Hendrik Greijbe's lifelong dedication, both scholastic and cultural, to the Afrikaner, earned Greijbe the title of “Father of Education in the Transvaal”. Greijbe was born in Graaf-Reniet, nine years before the Anglo-Boer War and came to the...

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South Africa's Water Crisis Is About More Than Droughts And Restrictions

Huffington Post South Africa (blog) - 2 weeks ago
Danie Olivier and his children Dane and Louis play in a swimming pool on January 12, 2003 in Orania, in the Northern Cape province, South Africa. 'The World Will Soon be at War Over Water' trumpeted Newsweek in April 2015. Water is scarce in many...

Whites-Only Town in SA is a Sign of Continued White Supremacy

Face 2 Face (press release) (registration) (blog) - 3 weeks ago
Located along the Orange River in the dry Karoo region of Northern Cape Province, Orania has been the subject of many discourses, both in Africa and abroad, particularly because of its apparent racial bias. Orania, a Whites-only town, was established...

Inside Orania, South Africa's whites-only town

The Atlanta Voice - 1 month ago
Kobus Gouws and Caspar Muller, step-brothers interviewed by Norman and residents of Sunshine Corner, a township outside of Pretoria. Some Afrikaners come to Orania out of desperation, Norman told CNN. Much of her time was spent in Kleingeluk ("Small ...and...

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Woman in cage: Bakkie owner explains

Independent Online - 3 days ago
Cape Town - An image of a woman in a cage at the back of a bakkie being circulated on social media has sparked outrage. The image was originally posted in a Facebook group called Oos-Kaap Plaaswekers Opstrand on January 17. The number plate ...and...

I was just giving her a lift

man explains caged woman on back of bakkie - 3 days ago
The picture first appeared on the “Oos-Kaap Plaaswerkers Opstand” (Eastern Cape Farmworkers Uprising) Facebook group – a movement by farm workers taking a stand and speaking out against injustices and often illegal labour practices still persisting in ...and...

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Landbou - 2 weeks ago
Die nuus vroeg in 1988 dat Pous Johannes Paulus II in September van daardie jaar Lesotho sou besoek het landswyd 'n reuse geskarrel tot gevolg gehad. Tydens sy besoek sou hy 'n Katolieke priester, Vader Joseph Gérard, wat in die 19de eeu...

In no-man's land

News24 - 2 months ago
... Graaff-Reinet, Zoutpansberg, Winburg, Potchefstroom, Natalia, Winburg-Potchefstroom, Utrecht, Lydenburg, Klein Vrystaat, Goshen, Stellaland, United States of Stellaland, New Republic, and Upingtonia/Lijdensrust — declared in the mid-nineteenth...

Mlamleli says “Haak Vrystaat, Haak!” to Cheetahs for semi-final - 3 months ago
Mlamleli says “Haak Vrystaat, Haak!” to Cheetahs for semi-final 12:09 (GMT+2) Sat, 15 Oct 2016. Mlamleli says “Haak Vrystaat, Haak!” to Cheetahs for semi-final |. Bloemfontein - Mangaung Metro executive mayor, Olly Mlamleli, sends her warm regards to ...and...

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Mobidiag gaat Amplidiag(R) aanbieden in Zuid-Afrika

Nieuwsbank (persbericht) - 5 days ago
ESPOO, Finland-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Mobidiag Ltd, een Fins bedrijf in moleculaire diagnostiek, heeft vandaag bekendgemaakt dat het zijn productlijn Amplidiag(R) in Zuid-Afrika aanbiedt via een distributieovereenkomst met Wallac Oy, een ...and...

"Afrikaanse afkeer van Internationaal Strafhof spijtige evolutie"

VRT Nieuws - 3 months ago
Zuid-Afrika is uit het ICC gestapt wegens juridisch gedoe omdat het vorig jaar al-Bashir niet heeft aangehouden toen die daar was voor een top van De Afrikaanse Unie. "Zuid-Afrika stapt er nu uit om uit een intern conflict te raken", aldus Luc Walleyn ...and...

'Jongeren kunnen het beeld van Afrika veranderen'

Oneworld - 4 months ago
“Een van de eerste reacties die ik krijg als ik aan iemand vertel dat ik uit Zuid-Afrika kom is: 'maar je bent blank!'”, vertelt Jacobsz tijdens een skypegesprek vanuit het RNW Media kantoor in Hilversum. “Dit soort opmerkingen geven me alleen maar...

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Mix of Macbeth, Zar Ritual in Persian Play

Financial Tribune - 2 days ago
The Iranian play 'Only the First Dog Knows Why it is Barking' directed by theater director Ebrahim Poshtkuhi will go on stage in Munich, Germany, early February. A production of Titowak Theater Group, the musical comedy blends the Zar ritual of...

Retirement Announcement for Principal Zar Der Mugrdechian

Asbarez Armenian News - 2 days ago
CLOVIS, Calif.—The Charlie Keyan Armenian Community School Board of Education announced on January 19 the retirement of Principal Zar Der Mugrdechian, to take effect July 31, 2017. Der Mugrdechian's announcement was received on January 16 and ...and...

Gaia Infrastructure invests in 98-MW wind park in S Africa

SeeNews Renewables - 2 days ago
The South African infrastructure investor has bought the stake in Dorper Wind Farm (Proprietary) Limited for ZAR 501 million (USD 37m/EUR 34.6m). It said in a statement that this transaction has triggered a move of its listing to the Investment ...and...

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