Gesinsrestaurant soek witvoetjie by publiek na aandele skerp tuimel a.g.v. rasse voorval verlede maand

Na ‘n maand van volgehoue druk en boikot het die Hoof Uitvoerende Beampte van Spur, Pierre van Tonder, uiteindelik bes gegee en ‘n persverklaring uitgereik waarin hy erken dat Spur se hantering van die omstrede rasse-insident in Johannesburg, verkeerd was.

Van Tonder erken dat die kwessie beter hanteer kon word. Ten spyte daarvan dat Spur-takke landwyd die druk gevoel het en Spur se aandele steeds tuimel, wil Van Tonder nog steeds nie sy persoonlike verskoning aanbied omdat hy ‘n blanke kliënt die deur gewys het en die swart kliënt met ‘n gratis maaltyd beloon het, terwyl albei dieselfde opgetree het nie.

Hoewel die erkenning dus ‘n stap in die regte rigting is, wag ons nog steeds op ‘n verskoning van meneer Van Tonder en stap ons dus maar nog steeds verby na die volgende eetplek toe.

Die bewoording van die verklaring lui:

April 27, 2017 – PRESS RELEASE

In the month since the widely publicised incident at Texamo Spur in The Glen Shopping Centre in Johannesburg, everyone at Spur has had time to reflect on our actions leading up to, during and after the event.

Spur would like to take this opportunity to unreservedly apologise to the South African public. Our response fell short of our own high standards. We should have done better. We expect it from ourselves to do better and we believe that the South African public deserve better.

It was an intensive period of self-reflection for everyone at Spur and with the wisdom of hindsight, we have decided to embark on a course of action to address the shortcomings in our response.

We have asked Prof. Elmien du Plessis of the Faculty of Law at North-West University (NWU) to convene a panel and draft guidelines for an in-depth investigation into all relevant aspects of the incident on 19 March 2017 and how it was handled. Prof. Du Plessis holds an LLD from Stellenbosch University, is a member of the Human Rights Committee of the NWU and an alumnus of the South African Research Chair in Property Law.

The panel will be completely independent and have full access to all facts and footage surrounding the event. The team will make recommendations to Spur on actions that should be taken to rectify the shortcomings in our response and improve our reaction to similar incidents in future.

Such an investigation will take time to conclude its work and although we have impressed the need for urgency upon Prof. Du Plessis, it is important that she and the convened panel have the time to do a proper investigation. Additional details about the panellists and timeline will be made public in the coming weeks.

It is, however, the opinion of everyone at Spur that regardless of the outcome and recommendations of the panel, certain immediate steps are called for.

We have already embarked on a national programme to increase the child-minder to child ratio in our Play Canyons during busy periods. We have also launched a formal re-education drive that will refresh and enhance the procedures and skills of our minders.

In the month since this incident, we have learned many lessons. We are implementing steps to ensure the safety of customers and personnel at our restaurants. Given the current socio-political climate in our country, regrettably no company can foresee an incident like this happening. After the incident, Spur has already and will continue to move swiftly to provide key personnel with the necessary conflict resolution skills.


Bron: Boere Krisis Aksie Blad


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  • Johannes Blom

    We don’t don’t believe spur we will continue to boikot

  • Christien Scheepers

    Hahahahahaha….hou liewer ‘n braai met die bure !

    • Kosenator

      Ja, hoogtyd dat mense weer met mekaar in aanraking kom. En dis goedkoper. Veral as die blou ligte met die blaaspypies in die pad af geparkeer is.

  • Lynda Carlse

    Spur wil NEVER EVER se me or mine again!! That black woman was FAR mor rude and agressive than the white man. If her older child slapped my little one I would have done exactly the same as the man. But black people ALWAYS try to play the racist card while they are MUXH MORE racist than us. Screw you Spur!

  • Robert Barrie

    All that is requested to be fair and just in all instances and actually take action against the lady who did not and don’t take responsibility for her child with a bully attitude

  • Karen Lourens

    Ha!!!! Ek eet droë brood by huis voor ek weer my voete in Spur sit.

  • Koos van Niekerk

    Nou wat nou is daar nou n Happy Hour vir gebruikte Tamponne ook. Kry soveel jy wil he.
    Sorry Spur julle is sif kry wit Waiters terug om wit mense te bedien. en sit kamaras in die kombuis wat op skarms in die Restuarant gewys word. ons trust julle niks selfde as KFC met hulle Bruin Sous

    • Pierre Le Roux

      Stem saam met komentaar van vorige skrywers. Mnr die CEO jy behoort jou te skaam oor hoe jy openlik jou rug op n groep mense draai wat jou mpy al vir dekades ondersteun. Geniet jul spesiale gratis ete wat jy aangebied het, hopelik sonder tampon sop!. Ek betaal my geld eerder aand ons eie.

      • Petro Taljaard

        Ek wag vir hom om daai man om verskoning te vra. Wat hy hier se beteken niks. Hy is n lafaard en n swak besigheidsman.

  • William Hugo

    Julle sal ook geen van ons mense sien nie.Kyk die laaste voorval ook vanwat met ons kos gedoen word. Braai eerder vir ons Afrikaners.Is gesonder ,goedkoper en geseller.

  • Belinda Westraat

    I will never ever go to the spur again,!

  • Danielle51

    And have you offered a free meal to the white man as well? And apologized for treating him and his family despicably? No? then you will continue to lose customers…

    • Rita De Jager

      Will prop invite to a free meal to family and invite film crew too.

  • Wiekus Patches Moolman

    If only it was about this incident, the quality of food has deteriorated by an alarming rate. It has come to a point where a cafe sells better quality food and at a much reduced fee. Spur has become a place of substandard food and service. Rather support your nearest café than this joke of a franchise.

  • Eddie Rocher

    Die dag as Pierre Van Tonder uit geskop word en Spur hulle rasistiese staf wat smerige goed op mense se kos sit ook afdank en laat toesluit. Sal ek wat n gereelde klient van Spur gewees het daaraan dink om terug te gaan. Spur sal moet n hele 360graade omdraai en hulle franchises skoon maak voor ek my voete in een weer sit

    • Tina van Biljon

      Sif man sif sê Ek jou. Wonderbaarlik dat nie nog meer mense dodelik siek word Nie. Hoe kry mens dit reg om sulke goed te Doen Sonder om gesien te word Nie. Geen kontrole Nie, walglik.

  • Koos Arnold

    Te laat ouboetie te laat. Ek vreet nie weer jou kosse nie!!

  • Gabby

    What about the allegations about what is happening in the food preperation areas and the recent admission of an employee that menstrual fluids were put onto food?

    • Venus


    • Steven Goldswain

      Come on people. Use google abit. That’s a fake story.

    • Steven Goldswain

      Google Laquan Brown and then the so called waitress accused of doing what you describe.

  • Anthony Ferreira

    Spur se hele hol…. verloor nou teveel geld, nou is ons weer goed genoeg….

  • thinus

    nee wat ons ook klaar met spur

  • Andre Scholtz

    Geen Spur ooit vir my….nog nooit n aanhanger en niks sal my besluit verander nie. Little to late now Spur!!!

  • Francois Greeff

    Too little, too late.
    Kry vir julle. pluk gerus die vrugte van bevooroordeeling.
    Dit is mos altyd die witman se skuld.
    Hulle moes die saak van die begin af anders hanteer het.
    Geen Spur sal my ooit sien nie, Nou ook nog die saak vandie mestrueele bloed op wittes se kos. Skandelik.

  • Willie Van de Merwe

    Nee vanTonder, jy kan met jou Spur en al in jou moer vlieg jou ruggraatlose bliksem.

    • Hugo Hamman


  • Zelna Olwagen

    Won’t support Spur ever again, the service is piss poor, food quality sucks, and you never know what is being done to your food, home cooked meal is safer, cheaper and tastier. They should’ve thought about the shares falling when they treated a WHITE customer protecting his child, like crap, I would have given her child a hiding he never forget, and if the mom interfered, well she would’ve received the same…. But just goes to show, they don’t have the same standards as we do, no matter what

  • Khater

    You treated the white guy like shit, you tried to be popular with the masses. Well ask the masses to come support your shitty restaurants now. I’m glad your shares are falling and your seats are empty! I hope you close down!

  • Rose Duvenhage

    Pierre se bonus sal nie weer deur my paar sente aangevul word nie.

  • Wayne Prior

    Too Late scum bags Boycott forever.

  • Estelle DU Plessis

    Pierre Van Tonder – jammer….. maar dit sal nie doen nie?……… jy het kant gekies!!!!!!!!! Ja, altwee was seker verkeerd, maar jy het kant gekies voor jy agter die kap van die byl gekom het. As enige ouer se kind my kleiner kind in die Spur aanrand dan moet jy verseker weet ek tree op teen daardie kind en sy ouers en die Spur………. Baie goedkoper en veiliger………… onthaal by die huis mense, kom ons kyk Mnr. Pierre Van Tonder, daar is werknemers van kleur by Spur wat spog op Twitter en Fb hoe hulle menstuele bloed op Blankes se kos smeer/drup? Party spog hoe hulle hul kak in die Blankers se souse meng? Op Blankes se kos spoeg? Een man SPOG, hy sit tot sy semen op Blankes se kos? WAT DIE FOK DOEN JY DAAROMTRENT? NEEEEEEEEEEE WAT, MENSE EET BY JOU HUIS EN SPAAR GELD

  • Brenden Naude

    Spur. FOK JULLE

  • Retha van Niekerk

    Nee dankie Spur, julle feature nêrens, gatkruip gaan nie help nie. Die skrif is aan die muur – sink maar, dit pla niemand.

  • Christiaan de Goede

    fok hulle met lof ek geniet maar deesdae die wimpy weer

  • Johan Nortje

    Funny, this wasn’t racial to begin with. Just a parent sticking up for his kid.

    Well, I’ve heard way too many Spur horror stories to make use of any restaurant. If I can’t see my food being prepared, I’m not interested!

  • Estelle DU Plessis

    KOM ONS PROBEER WEER, en nee dit is nie SPAM as ek “comment” nie. En ja dit het nie as rassisties begin nie. Mr. Pierre Van Tonder……. jy het hierdie saak heeltemal verkeerd hanteer……. jy het te vinnig gepraat voor jy agter die kap van die byl gekom het? Belowe jou ek sou beslis opgetree het as my kind deur enige ouer kind aangerand word in een van jou Spurs. Ek sien en lees ook hoe BAIE WERKERS VAN SPUR op blankes te kos spoeg? Party spog op TWITTER en FB hoe hulle hul stront in die souse meng van blankes wat die Spur besoek? Party spog hoe hulle die kos ook op die vuil vloer gooi en weer op die bord neersit? Een man het gespog dat hy sy semen op die kos smeer? Is dit net stories? Soos hulle se….waar daar n rokie trek is daar n vuurtjie? Is daar genoegsame toesig oor personeel en wat hulle doen? Hoe streng is julle met bv. persoonlike higiene? Sorg julle/sien julle of ALLE PERSONEEL hulle hande ordentlik was na hulle toilette besoek? Kan julle ons verseker dat daar nie met ons kos gemors word nie? Kan jy, Pierre Van Tonder, ons verseker dat werkers/personeel NIE BESMET IS MET PESLIKE SIEKTES NIE? Jammer ek self het dinge gesien wat my naar maak……. maar wat SPUR BETREF? NOOIT NOOIT WEER SAL ONS VAN JULLE GEBRUIK MAAK NIE.

  • André van Biljon

    Too little too late. As for me and my family, we will never set foot in Spur again. We used to eat at your establishment at least once a week, prior to the incident, now we support everyone else. I sincerely hope your brand is forced to close down completely.

  • Hugo Hamman

    Well Mr van Tonder and the Spur group…. You will NEVER NEVER NEVER ever see money from this white man again….. Never…. Always blaming the white man first…. Never!!!! Not wil I or my family ever spend one cent in the Spur ever again……. NEVER do you hear me???!!! NEVER EVER!!!!!!! Moet ek dit vir jou in Afrikaans ook se Mr van Tonder?????? NOOIT OOIT sal julle my sien…NOOIT????? Hoor jy nou die wit stem?????? NOOIT solank as ek leef….

  • Ferdi Steyn

    Tampons wat oor wit mense se kos uitgedruk word is in my oe erger as moord, Spur sal my en my familie nooit weer sien nie. Julle by Spur sal die wit man en vrou nie sommer vinnig weer sien nie, ons is dalk die minderheid, ma ons was die grootste ondersteuners van die Spur groep oor al die jare heen, hoop julle sluit julle deure binnekort want julle hoort nie in die kos bedryf nie. Privaat restuarante sal ons diens en wit geld geniet en ons kos in die kombuis beskerm.

  • Carlos Manrique Pérez

    Ek nie verstaan nie wat was die probleem, ek leer Afrikaans.

    • Gerda Wilkens

      Stay away as far as possible from any SPUR restaurant, it is not safe…… you will get sick.

  • Chantel Prinsloo

    Ag asseblief!! Ek boikot nogsteeds die spur!!! Hulle het duidelik nie gedink ons gaan so lank saamstaan nie!! En nogsteeds kan hul die man nie om verskoning vra nie!! Nee wat…tatta spur!!!!

  • Kosenator

    Spur Had Its Time

  • Andrew

    Beeldpoetsers sal nie help nie, die publiek het genoeg gesien om hul eie opinie te he, hul eie keuses te maak en self te besluit.
    Pierre van Tonder sal uit die aandeelprys, voete in Spur en die gemiddelde koste per kop self kan sien wat die blanke publiek dink van sy vooraf, gedurende en (veral) daarna optredes hom in die sak bring.
    Pierre, ou pel, sit agteroor en sien wat jou hardnekkigheid vir jou bring.
    Sterkte, jy het dit nodig