Mugabe worried that “whites have taken over once again”

Over the past few months there have been many rumours circulating about Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe’s health, it is well known that he has been preparing his wife Grace to take over from him. For those thinking Mugabe is on deaths door, he may have just proven you wrong.

To celebrate his 93rd birthday Mugabe took to state TV for an exceptionally long interview, oh he really did have some things to say.

Explaining how proud he was of his land reform procedure, which saw around 4000 white-owned farms be redistributed to black Zimbabweans, Mugabe had some worries about how things have changed since. He believes some Zimbabwean black people have “surreptitiously” handed over management and control of their farms to whites.

News24 reports that Mugabe appears to be referencing some black farmers who took to employing dispossessed white farmers. Mugabe says black farmers who choose to do that, are being “stupid.”

“There are [some blacks] who have really gone to sleep and the whites have taken over once again and it’s sad, isn’t it?” – Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe

Foreign direct investment is at an all-time low in Zimbabwe but Mugabe still called out people who waited for whites to invest “and then go and work for them.” He posed the question if black Zimbabweans are the masters of their own economy, or simply “thinking of whites as the best entrepreneurs and Africans as the labourers?”

Mugabe will celebrate his 93rd birthday this coming Saturday. What do you make of his claims? Has Uncle Bob lost the plot now or did he lose it some time ago? Heck, maybe you even think he is on the right track.

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