Owerhede waarsku moenie die sneeu gaan besigtig

Owerhede waarsku om tradisie om die sneeu te gaan besigtig te breek dit is nat en glyerig in die areas

It’s almost a tradition for coastal residents of KwaZulu-Natal to head to the Midlands and Drakensberg when there are snowfalls – but authorities on Sunday begged for this tradition to be broken.

“It is imperative not to go snow watching. Please heed our warnings‚” Con Roux‚ commercial manager of the N3 Toll Concession (N3TC)‚ pleaded in a statement.

Snow and sleet fell in KZN and parts of the Free State overnight and into Sunday morning. More heavy snow was forecast for Sunday afternoon and evening. But while this has attracted hundreds of tourists coming to play in the snow‚ Roux said the conditions “have led to the formation of black ice on the road surface‚ creating slippery and dangerous driving conditions”.

“The N3TC again makes an urgent appeal to road users not to travel under these treacherous conditions. You may be compounding the problem and diverting emergency resources away from critical activities at this time. Ignoring cautionary advice may put yourself and others at risk‚” Roux said.

Weather and travel warnings are available on the toll concession’s Twitter feed‚ @N3Route.

TMG Digital/Durban Newsroom

Foto: Van Reenens pas gister deurLucie Wessels

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